Dust Mites Reduction and Prevention in New Jersey

Dust Mites Reduction and Prevention in New Jersey

Getting rid of dust mites isn’t as easy as it looks. These hardy creatures are about a quarter of a millimeter in size and often inhabit places like your carpets and bedding where you can't necessarily see them. Given their tiny size and stubborn nature, normal cleaning techniques like sweeping and vacuuming aren’t enough to eradicate them. If you fail to remove them completely, the dust mites will continue to multiply – causing several health problems such as:

  • Hay fever
  • Watery eyes
  • Skin irritations
  • Clogged lungs
  • Breathing problems

There’s a better way to approach your dust mite problem and it’s by calling the experts for help. If you need to take care of these creatures professionally, feel free to contact Select Waterproofing. We offer various services that can remove the conditions that allow dust mites to thrive.

Let Select Waterproofing Handle Your Dust Mite Problem

Excess moisture is one of the biggest contributors that create the perfect habitat for dust mites. These creatures love hiding in dark, damp and humid places, so areas like your basement are riddled with them. In order to stop dust mites from multiplying, we’ll reduce or eliminate the traces of moisture found in your property. To do this, we’ll perform the following services:

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While common repair techniques can temporarily fix simple moisture problems, if the moisture levels are out of your control, you’ll need Select Waterproofing’s help. Our services follow tried-and-tested methods to ensure that moisture won’t seep back into your property anytime soon. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified to provide you with the best results. We work swiftly and efficiently, allowing the environment in your property to revert back to its healthy and safe atmosphere before you know it.

If you want us to properly take care of your dust mite problem, just contact us at 732-355-3636. Our services are available to properties in New Jersey.

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