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Basement Waterproofing Services in Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack, NJ has a population of more than 45,000 residents and a history of high humidity readings on a year-round basis. With hot, muggy summers and cold, wet winters, residents must be sure to make sure their basements are dry to avoid any possible structural damages.

Select Waterproofing provides Hackensack residents with basement waterproofing services, as well as other services, that prolong the life of homes. We have been the most trusted basement waterproofing and crawl space repair company in New Jersey for more than 15 years now. We are a family-owned-and-operated business that uses the most advanced waterproofing products in the industry. We are also proud to be using only American-made products. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation by Select Waterproofing in Hackensack, NJ

At Select Waterproofing, we are always on the lookout for the best products, methods, and technology in waterproofing. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited A+ business. So far, we have provided top-notch service to more than 10,000 very satisfied customers since 1991. Here are some of the services that we offer in Hackensack, NJ.

  • Basement Waterproofing - Water will naturally flow the lowest point of your property: the basement. Our basement waterproofing solutions are engineered to remove water from your basement. Call us today to learn more about how our basement waterproofing technology works. 
  • Crawl Space Repair - Up to 40% of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home or commercial establishment comes from the basement and crawl spaces. If there’s moisture in your craws spaces, you risk breathing in low-quality air. Our services help you maintain dry crawl spaces so you can breathe only high quality, clean air. 
  • Foundation Crack Repair - Concrete naturally cracks upon drying. These hairline cracks are not really structurally risky. However, they provide openings where water, gas, and insects can enter. Select Waterproofing technicians are proficient at analyzing the types of cracks and coming up with lasting solutions. Our foundation crack repair comes with 5- and 15- year transferable warranties. 
  • Moisture Control - Too much moisture is not good for the structural integrity of your property, nor is it good for your health. Mold thrives in high-moisture environments. If there’s too much moisture in your basement, mold can grow faster and produce mold spores - a known allergen for many people. Select Waterproofing provides the best moisture control services in New Jersey. 

Trust Select Waterproofing for Sump Pump Services in Hackensack

In addition to moisture control services, Select Waterproofing also provides sump pump repair and installation services in Hackensack, NJ. To learn more about this service, or any of our other services, please send us a message via our online Contact Us page. If you prefer speaking to a representative, please call 732-360-5052. 

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